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ABCLib : A Parallel Numerical Library with an Auto-tuning Facility
ABCLib (Automatically Blocking-and-Communication adjustment Library) is a parallel numerical library with an auto-tuning facility.

ABCLib is a parallel numerical library to attain high performance in several parallel machines including memory hierarchies as its Processing Elements (PE). ABCLib can apply PC-Clusters that are constructed by both of low cost PCs as its PEs through a network and Super-Computers to attain high performance.

ABCLib has the following characteristics:

* Blocking algorithms are implemented to attain high performance for computers including memory hierarchies.
* Communication latency hiding algorithms are applied to attain high performance for low performance network environments.
* Auto-tuning facility is included to adapt several kinds of machine environments, i.e. it can adapt from PC clusters to Super-computers.
* Low number of parameters for library interface is implemented.This makes easy interface to use, and avoids performance down by specifying wrong parameters.
* We will supply a directive to support easy construction of auto-tuning software to sofware developers.

The plan to develop subroutines in this project is shown in the following:

For dense matrices
  *Direct solver for liner equations.
  *Direct solver for eigenvalue problem.
  *Iterative solver for eigenvalue problem.

For sparse matrices
  *Direct solver for linear equations.
  *Iterative solver for linear equations.
  *Iterative solver for eigenvalue problem.

Tools for auto-tuning facility addition
  *ABCLibScript : A directive to support easy
     construction of auto-tuning facility based
     on FIBER auto-tuning freamework.
  *ABCLibCodeGen : A pre-processor to
      process the directive of ABCLibScript.

Benchmark Sofware
  *ABCLibBench : A benchmark software          using the auto-tuning facility in ABCLib.

What's new

Xabclib Project Home Page is Opened. (21st May, 2009)


(1) A free pre-processor of ABCLibScript for field trial version will be opened in Novenber 2004.
(2) A Manual for using ABCLibScript ver.1.00 has been opened in 25th October of 2004.

If you would like to know details, you need a registration for your information in Donload Page . (Sorry again for Japanese only.)

* Developing the ABCLib is mainly supported by Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST), PRESTO , “Information Infrastructure and Applications” as a project of “Towards High Performance Numerical Library on Several Kinds of Parallel Architectures.”

* The ABCLib was developed by Dr. Takahiro KATAGIRI and individuals for his affiliation. All rights are reserved by Dr. Takahiro KATAGIRI.
If licensee desires that its use of the ABCLib be for commercial or productive use such as product development or product or customer support,Licensee must execute a commercial license agreement with Dr. Takahiro KATAGIRI and his affiliation.
The entire risk as to the quality and performance of ABCLib is with you.
Should the program prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

[Last update] 21st May 2009
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